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Commercial Real Estate Broker

Market conditions over the past two years have Agents re-thinking their business and searching for ways to increase activity and commissions. Residential or Home Selling Agents are venturing into commercial real estate deals to pick up the slack while the housing market is quiet .Although the Texas State Brokers’ license is the same, there is a huge difference in Commercial vs. Residential property transactions and negotiations.Agents looking to make the change into commercial need to consider the time required to build a portfolio of properties and a strong client list. Just having a client doesn’t qualify one to negotiate the best terms and conditions to your client’s benefit. Many agents refer deals to experienced Commercial Brokers, that pay referral fees upon completion of the transaction. Agents attempting to “go it alone” may end up with a goose egg = $0.00 after six or more months of working on the assignment. Some get lucky and close the deal, but may lose a client in the process.If you plan to make the jump from Residential to Commercial Real Estate, I strongly suggest that you jump in with both feet. Riding the fence (doing both) will limit you in becoming the experienced Trusted Advisor in your field.A company that offers training and resources and teams you with another commercial agent places you on the fast track and the first year will equate to business in the near future. You should have patience, discipline and a positive attitude, similar to “I will not quit Until I Win”.For more information, contact me, I will be happy to discuss the profession and my thirty years in Commercial Brokerage in the Houston TX market area.

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